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One source for all types of construction loans

No application fees, approvals are free

Fast approvals (usually 2 business days)

Quick closings

Competitive rates

Interest only payments, and only on the outstanding balance

No pre-payment penalties

With each draw, you will recieve an updated statement of account itemizing your original budgeted amount, draws to date and balance to draw

Six to twelve-month construction loan terms

We service the entire state of Michigan

Reasonable loan documentation requirements

Additional advantages for our owner-builders:

All of the above advantages, plus

Unlimited line item draws (as many as needed)

All draws are mailed to your home usually the next business day

A prepared Waiver of Lien is provided with each draw

You will be able to hire your own subcontractors and control the quality of construction. You will also be able to purchase materials from the suppliers of your choice

You will be able to budget your own funds and spend more on areas of your home that are important to you

Additional advantages for our builders and our borrowers that have hired a builder:

All of the above advantages, plus

Seven (7) draws instead of the traditional five (5) draws (greater flexibility)

We will work with your Disbursement Schedule of Draws (as long as it is reasonable) instead of using a set Disbursement Schedule because every project is different

Sworn Statement and suppporting Waivers can be provided to a designated Title Company and checks can be mailed or picked up at the same Title Company

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