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About Us

Construction Loan One, LLC. is a Michigan limited Liability Company that provides first mortgage construction loans to finance the construction of single family residences to borrowers in the state of Michigan. The Company is licensed through the Michigan Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation as a Mortgage Broker, Lender and Servicer under the Mortgage Brokers, Lenders and Servicers Licensing Act. Our mission is to provide a quality product and service that is competitively priced with a premium placed on service. Our Web Site outlines the different types of construction loans that we provide and the general guidelines and terms in which we provide them. Construction Loan One, LLC is an independent Mortgage Banker and only provides short-term residential construction loans, we do not provide long-term mortgages, materials, labor and/or blueprints.

Construction Loan One, LLC is not an originator of construction loan mortgages. Rather, borrowers are referred to Construction Loan One, LLC by licensed and registered Banks and Mortgage Companies. These institutions will take their borrowers application, provide the required regulatory compliance disclosures, collect the required loan documentation and then submit the loan package to Construction Loan One, LLC per a Broker Agreement. Upon receipt of the borrower’s loan package, Construction Loan One, LLC will then underwrite the submitted loan package as the Lender and Servicer. Upon completion of the borrower’s new home, the referring Bank or Mortgage Company will step back in and provide their client with a long-term mortgage in order to payoff the short-term construction loan with Construction Loan One, LLC.

If you contact us directly without a Bank or Mortgage Company relationship or approval, we may be able to refer you to a Bank or Mortgage Company located in your area to originate your loan submission.

At Construction Loan One, LLC, you will enjoy one of the easiest construction loan programs in the industry. It should be since this is what we specialize in and this is all that we do. Our short-term construction financing programs provide commonsense, straightforward, simple, flexible and convenient solutions to your construction financing needs. Call us today or you may click the Contact Us button. If you have questions and would like to speak to someone personally, please call us and one of our Construction Loan Specialists will be happy to assist you.

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